Why to visit us

We are a small eco-lodge situated in the Ecuadorian Andes, in Sigchos, at the beginning or the end of the Quilotoa loop, a beautiful 3 day trek with the famous Quilotoa Lagoon as highlight. Sigchos is a first step of the loop Sigchos-Isinlivi-Chugchilan-Quilotoa for most of the trekkers, or the last one for others.

1. While most of the visitors come straight from Latacunga where they leave their big luggage to start walking the same day from Sigchos to Isinilivi, we want to offer another alternative. Stopping in Sigchos instead of Latacunga to prepare the trekk is a good way to adapt your body to the altitude (2639 meters) while enjoying already nice mountain views and a local life experience. As native guides, we know all the information about the trek, we have maps and we offer luggage transport to your destination, so you don´t have to carry all your stuff and can get it as soon as you finish the trekk in Quilotoa, without coming back to Latacunga.

2. We also rent out mountain bikes, and we offer nice rides around. You can rent the bike and go explore by yourself, or we can bring you and the bikes to Quilotoa, where you can admire the crater and the lake and then come back down until Sighos by bike, which is a fantastic ride with amazing views.

3. If you start your trek in Quilotoa and end it in Sigchos, it´s still an option to have a last stop in the mountains with us, to spend a night (including dinner and breakfast) or just to have a hot shower, enjoy a last breathtaking view on our terrace with a cold beer and a lunch or a snack, and some wifi, before traveling to your next destination.


What we offer

  • Private double and single rooms, including dinner and breakfast
  • Camping area
  • WiFi
  • Rental of new mountain bikes
  • Private transport
  • Lunch
  • Cold beer
  • Hot shower
  • Great view over the mountains

View of the mountains from the campsite

Lake Quilotoa